Who We Are

The Dartmouth Shelter Society are a consortium of social justice advocates who are working to create safe spaces and emergency supports for individuals and families in crisis within the Dartmouth. Most emergency support systems serving the HRM are located in Halifax. This creates a challenge for people in crisis from Dartmouth as they are geographically separated from their social capitol and support networks.

Dartmouth has long been under served in terms of emergency shelters and housing. The Dartmouth Shelter Society will work to build a broad inventory of emergency shelters and housing in partnership with community stakeholders to ensure resources are available to citizens should they need them.

The leadership of people with lived experience trying to access emergency supports, shelter or housing shall be central to our planning and actions. The challenges and successes faced by those seeking supports will inform best practices and strategies as we move forward.

Our Mission

  • To address the lack of social and emergency supports in Dartmouth.
  • To create a broad inventory of emergency shelter and housing supports for citizens of Dartmouth
  • To address systemic issues which create barriers to emergency services for citizens of Dartmouth
  • To advocate at all levels of government and the community for the changes necessary to realize an efficient support structure for the citizens of Dartmouth.
  • To ensure emergency support services meet the needs of a broad range of people in a way which reflects their individual challenges and experiences.
  • To manage these resources in a way which is transparent and inclusive of the diverse communities requiring support.

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